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the primrose way to th’ everlasting bonfire

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Do you really want to read me blabbing about myself? I didn't think so.

I just joined a few of these fanlistings so I can put these cute little things up.

abortion, alec and seregil, amethysts, animals, any previous century, arguing (especially with boys), asking "are_you_mad_at_me?", being jealous of boys, books written by girls, buccaneers, california history, candy, cannibalism, clothes, colonial pilgrims, courtney love, covered wagon trains, crafts, daydreaming, donovan, dragons, drunk driving, emilie autumn, euthanasia, faeries, felix and mildmay, food, gandhi, girls, ice cream, little girls, mount hamilton, my cat, pegasuses, penitencia creek, pretending i have "the_wit", queen tamír ii, rainbows, rasputina, reminiscing, rickey and g-man, saying "i'm sorry", sewing, shakespeare, suicide, swedish fish, sword fighting, texting while driving, texting while drunk driving, the diablo mountain range, the dresden dolls, traveling, unicorns, werewolves, will and gaston, wolves, world war ii, wraeththu